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This is primarily about our company's way of doing business, which is primarily about ensuring that you run the business in a way that makes it profitable. If the company is not profitable, it will not be long-term and therefore cannot contribute to improving society. Furthermore, it is about the ethics the company says it acts on and how it is complied with. This applies not only to one's own business ethics (internal ethics) but also to how one acts in relation to others (external ethics) and what policies and guidelines one requires subcontractors to follow. These three parts can be read more about under our words of value. This can be further described as  reasonable working hours (for the past 40 years we have worked 35 hour workweeks), that employees feel good in the workplace (We do an annual employee survey), and to support initiatives such as the Relay Vasa (Stafettevasan) and provide wellness care money. However, it is also about our service products, IE. to ensure that we comply with the agreements we have with the client, but also on the basis of the laws and regulations that we comply with in our roles as auditors, accountants and advisers.

Environmental responsibility

This is about the company acting in a sustainable, long-term manner from the environmental point of view both internally as well as externally (the direct or indirect impact of the business on the environment). That we minimize our printouts, that we send as little mail as possible, and that we have the latest software to get our customers as digital as possible.

Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility can be divided into internal and external social responsibility. Internal social responsibility is about ensuring that the individual employees have a good working environment from both physical and psychological perspectives. To achieve this, the company is responsible for ensuring that there is a healthy balance between different genders, ages, ethnicity and religions in the workplace (a benchmark is that this variety should reflect the variety among the general population). No group is allowed to feel discriminated against or excluded in any way, which can happen if one does not take into account that different people speak different languages, have different customs or may have a disability. External social responsibility includes ensuring that different customer groups are not discriminated against. Nowadays, it also includes contributing to improving the communities in which the company operates in various ways. This can be demonstrated by letting employees volunteer at work,  for example where we work with Hemlö

Note that investments in research or sponsorship of a sports arena are not counted as community involvement, as this does not in the latter case also mean that several of the employees are involved in the sports association during working hours. However, within this area different types of donations are accommodated for charitable purposes. You can read more about who we sponsor under "We currently sponsor" where we review each year which organizations we support and will support in the future. If you are an organization in need of support, you can contact Matthias Vidh on 08-354820.